The Royal Rumble II

Series: Where's The Love?
Sunday, September 18th 2022 @ Kingdom Boxing Gym

Boxers Submission Instructions

1. All Boxers and Trainers must be current Members of the USA Boxing Association and have boxing books.

2. You must have the following documents ready for upload to continue:

  • Boxers USA Boxing Book​*

  • Boxers Birth Certificate

  • Boxers Signed Physical Form which must be less than 1 year old from Sept 18th

*If your book shows your age and physical form has been verified YOU DO NOT need to submit your Birth Certificate and Physical Form.


*If you participated in the Royal Rumble at Kingdom on May 7th 2022 YOU DO NOT need to submit your Birth Certificate and Physical Form because we already have it.

3. You must submit payment of $20 event fee for each Boxer. If you do not submit payment you will not be considered for matchmaking. This fee covers costs associated with armed security, Covid-19 cleaning, refreshments, etc.

4. All Boxers must have a Trainer to work your corner for the fight. If you do not have a Trainer, you may become a member of Kingdom to select one of our qualified Trainers.

5. As we perform the matchmaking process you will be contacted for confirmation.

*Must use USA Boxing Physical Forms

<-- Click to Download Forms